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5 top tips for staging a successful sporting event

May 25, 2016 11:44:00 AM / by Aggreko


In this post we share our top five tips for staging a successful sporting event across the globe.

1. Designed to win

Early integration is key. Getting the power generation company in the mix as early as possible will help with everything from defining initial priorities to contigency planning. Nothing comes as a surprise, and early collaboration helps ensure everything will have been thought of.  

2. Be a team player

It's important to have a collaborative approach with all stakeholders. As an event organiser, you know how many people need to be involved and consulted - broadcasters, sponsors, athletes, organising committees, sporting federations, suppliers - all play an integral part in the overall success of an event.

3. Pro/Am champions 

Partner organisations have staff who are just aching to help out at your event, not only professionally, but also as volunteers. This helps them really to get to know what's important to you and get a better understanding of how it all fits together. We've found it creates an even greater sense of pride in the event. 

4. Visualise the finishing line

You are best placed to know what you want to achieve with your event, so engage partners whose goals are as big as yours and can help you achieve them. Everything is possible, even in remote locations, extreme terrain or weather conditions, or at venues that were not designed to host sporting events. Partner with someone with a can-do attitude.

5. Back a winner   

Engage with people who know what they are doing. No two events at the same time, so it's crucial to work with suppliers who want to work collaboratively with you. You want to be in the team with expertise and experience of a broad range of events and who can respect your priorities. Considerations might include environmental, sustainability, design, QHSE, experience and flexibility. 


Written by Aggreko

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