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How to keep your cool if the mercury hits 40

Jun 9, 2016 3:20:19 PM / by Aggreko


In this post we interview David de Behr, Aggreko’s Head of Global Events, to explain how Aggreko integrates smart and cost effective temperature control solutions to support live events.

Whilst organising power for an event is often an early consideration for organisers, many overlook their inevitable need for either heating or air conditioning, and often they’ll need both.

It is important to remember that temperature control needs can have a serious impact on the overall power consumption of an event.  ‘Smart’ temporature control solutions are critical, therefore,  to keep power consumption at an acceptable level.

“Challenging outside temperatures can create serious headaches to event organisers,” said David de Behr, Aggreko’s Head of Global Events. “Obviously you want your athletes or artists to perform in ideal conditions and that your spectators and guests enjoy the event in the most comfortable environment.

We can create those ideal ambient temperatures, regardless of whether it’s -20 or +40 degrees outside.”

As well as supporting sporting events, Aggreko also partners with Quebec-based Cirque de Soleil, the world’s largest theatrical producer, so they can perform across the world and in the most challenging climates.

“Temperature control solutions allow the performers to tour the show during the hot summers in Rio de Janeiro and biting winters in Moscow and everything in between,” said David. 

“We’ve devised a system control program that can vary the temperature according to the very specific temperature needs of individual structures at any location.  Our design also makes the system energy efficient for touring shows.  And it’s an ideal solution for sporting venues, whether permanent or temporary structures, and wherever they may be in the world.”

Temperature control might include air conditioning and/or heating for arenas to create ambient temperatures for athletes and spectators, refrigeration for catering facilities, and optimal operating conditions for media and broadcast equipment.  For this last group, temperature control has become especially critical because the technology is evolving so fast and digital equipment is so sensitive to temperatures and humidity that perfectly climatised working areas or inside sport venues are key to the success of bringing a live event to television.

“Temperature control goes hand in glove with our power solutions, which means we can provide a full turnkey service and help reduce overheads for organisers, compared to appointing separate suppliers for power and temperature individually,” said David.

"Aggreko operates reverse cycle equipment that can provide both heating and cooling, so you can have heating in the morning, and then cooling later in the day once the sun has warmed things up, and back again when it cools off.

Many high profile global sporting event organisers take advantage of our extensive expertise, cost and energy efficient temperature control systems, including tennis, golf, skating, skiing and American football.  We also supply to winter ice skating rinks, ice hockey venues, horse racing and motorsport, amongst other facilities".

“Temperature control is not normally high on the list of considerations when staging major sporting events, though it should be, because getting it wrong can have adverse effects on all involved,” said David. 


Written by Aggreko

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